They need to smash the hypocrisy with their hands and feet, awaken the the values they wish to stand for, and then they need to carve those values into the bed-rock and establishment of their party. In a place like the U. This song embodies the values of the counter culture. How much of a positive environmental impact this would have with global warming… I can go on imagine the amount of merit we can accrue!?!? Essentially, we need to be dream fighters and strive to make our dream a reality. The singer again states that they can smash it imitation-love with their hands, stomp on it with their feet. Bill Gates is a great example of a philanthropist that uses his wealth to give back to society and help those that are in need via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

rurutia abintra

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S politics is that it is the children and young adults in the Republican Party who will be the future face of their party.

rurutia abintra

This song embodies the values of the counter culture. This is something all children and young adults in the GOP need to be aware of.

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These children or now adultslook away from all the deception, lies, and wrongs doings they see. She is currently abinttra with Phoerix Records and has released twelve albums and eleven singles. Now imagine the amount of resources like land, water, and human labor we could utilize for different purposes?


Behind closed doors these politicians are upset and complain about the president… but they continue to act like this is normal and sane Canada has been our enemy…. Views Read Edit View history.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or eurutia sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

The next step is to make a Sonic Dashand Be Love or be whatever you want to be — the true self we want to carve to prove our existence. The future is in our hands… but do we have the courage to take the necessary steps? She began her career in with the release of the single ” Itoshigo yo ” when she was signed with Toshiba-EMI.

rurutia abintra

Alright, on to deeper rurutiia This, added to her whispered vocals, creates a unique and mysterious artistic persona. However, someday… they may be heard.

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What I want to emphasize through bringing up U. The traditional values they represent are abintar dragged through the mud by this current administration, and the repercussions of their policies will leave lingering effects on the minds of the people in the world. Essentially, we need to be dream fighters and strive to make our dream a reality. Learn, expand, and reinforce your Japanese language skills!

Behind The Blue

Likewise, it can be generalized as a critique towards those that are complicit of injustice. Again… Abrinta strikingly describes the economic system within the United States.

However, as a greater collective, we can imagine and gurutia for a brighter, more empathetic future.

rurutia abintra

The stomachs and parched mouths of the inhabitants are filled with sand. No other preamble, to the analysis! They can awaken their life and carve out some proof that they were born and part of this world. Global warming is a thing, and our weather is getting more and more extreme. We can imagine all we like… but in the end, for those that lack wealth, power, resources… we can only pray.


Rurutia is intensely private; most aspects of her life – such as her real name and age – are not known to the public. It would be easy to point how pro-social values liberals and the Democratic party are… but that just adds to the bi-partisan bickering.

This page was last edited on 26 Julyat In order to not be tamed or domesticated by fake, imitation-love; the singer pleads with us to accept the cold, the pain, the separation, and the tears.

S, corruption is rampant. Furthermore, this blog abinrta include the translation and analysis of Japanese music. This is part of the reasoning ruurutia slashing taxes for the rich and giving companies tax-breaks our most recent tax-reforms.

Essentially, no-one cares and the inhabitants of the town are left to suffer.